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The Suicidal Secret of Survivors

Radiohead's video for their song JUST. One of the most brilliant videos ever made about survivors.

simple plot:

-Man lies down in the middle of the pavement just outside of a building.

-People gather around him, thinking that something must be wrong with the man.

-A heated (subtitled) conversation between the man and the crowd develops, as the

people start demanding to know what the man is doing and why he is lying there.

-In subtitles, the man finally gives in and says, "Yes I'll tell you, I'll tell you why I'm lying here... but God forgive me... and God help us all... because you don't know what you ask of me."

-The camera zooms in on his mouth as the man finally gives the answer, but the subtitles have now stopped. What he says is a mystery.

- As the camera zooms back out, it shows the pavement covered with the crowd of countless people, all lying down just like the man.

What does he say that causes the world to lay on the street as he does? We won't ever know. Just like non-survivors will never know what it means to outlive that which should have killed them. The problem is, if they ever do discover this secret, it will mean they have died as well.

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