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Recorded and digitally remastered in Edge Studio NYC, the gold edition is here.  Named a "groundbreaking masterpiece" by Dr. Gregory O'Shanick, famed medical director emeritus of the Brain Injury Association of America, this is the ultimate unabridged audiobook of the critically acclaimed memoir The Day My Brain Exploded, which tells the story of Ashok Rajamani, a first-generation Indian American who had to relearn everything about life after a full-throttle brain hemorrhage at 25. With humor and insight, he describes the events of that day (his brain exploded just before his brother's wedding!) as well as the long, difficult recovery period. In the process he introduces listeners to his family - his principal support group as well as a constant source of frustration and amazement. Irreverent, coruscating, angry, at times shocking, but always revelatory, this audiobook takes the listener into unfamiliar territory, much like the experience Alice had when she fell down the rabbit hole.


With a rich, sonorous voice, Ashok narrates his own survival story.  Revealing razor-sharp wit and frankness, he intimately captures the depth of his hard fought journey back to life.  In the process, he has crafted an inspiring  work which is simultaneously moving, outrageous, and exhilarating.  That Ashok lived to tell the story is miraculous; that he tells it with such aplomb is simply remarkable. 

unabridged     read by the author




"One of the best audiobooks
ever heard on brain injury."  

Brain Injury Association of America,
Medical Director Emeritus, Dr. Gregory O'Shanick

The Audiobook

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