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May 4, 2020





As I cloister myself in semi-solitude along with the rest of humanity, there is a feeling of anguish and fear of

CLOVID-19, and I wonder if we can ever put together the pieces of this broken world and make it whole again.  Penning my thoughts and emotions in words, I set my pen on fire.




"If we fail to look after others when they need help, who will look after us?"


In a deeply chaotic world

No one to be seen, no voices heard.

The walls go up, borders demarcated
Families apart, mournful voices heard from afar.

Lights dim, it is dark
The human spirit shattered.
Holed up in isolation, children fear.

A virus descends, the universe torn apart.

Moments and memories to hold onto

The present in crisis, a piercing sound.

Tomorrow will come

With sanguine, peaceful echoes

A moment of reflection--

Of need, not want

Of giving then greed

Of support and strength

Of comfort and love to a broken world.



"Our human compassion binds us the one to the other--not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future."
--Nelson Mandela


Tiny buds spring atop branches
Nature comes to life--

Yet there is no sight and sound
Life coming to a screeching halt.

A pandemic unleashed, a global crisis

Devouring indiscriminately in its path

The young and old

Rich and poor, the abandoned and homeless.


Pain and suffering abound

The healers and practitioners

Losing the war

No missiles nor guns to fight this unseen battle.


Lights shine, bells toll

Nations thrive again

Sight and sound re-emerge

Children come out and play.

The universe smiles

Corona slayed

We are Karuna--compassion and kindness prevail.





"Once you get a spice in your home, you have it forever.  Women never throw out spices -- The Egyptians were buried with spices! -- I know which one I'm taking with me when I go."

--Erma Bombeck


People rush, mask and all
Protected from head to toe.

A grocery game, the race has begun.


Toilet rolls, paper towels

Clorox wipes and sanitizers
Ah! Corona you truly stumped us
The cleaning, healing has begun.


Black beans, garbanzo beans

Canned fruits, macaroni and cheese

Spaghetti and meatballs

The cart rolls on.


Aisle after aisle, empty shelves

Periphery vision, self-distancing

The grocery war has begun

Who gets there to spinach and kale?

Apples or oranges, cookies and cake?

The condiment shelf, a chef's delight!

I smile, I see

My curry, my cumin, my coriander

And ah! at last my chili powder!

Delighted! I exit

Bon Appetit.


JUNE 5, 2020




“ If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Mother Teresa



In the still of night, the fires burn

Ignited by sparks of rage and hate

Hearts broken, lives lost,

We weep, we mourn

The loss of our humanity.


A confluence-

Of selfless action

Of knowledge,

Of thought and reflection,

Of our oneness

The  colors of the human race

Step out and march

To right the wrongs

The voice of the voiceless




To all of the non-violent protestors, you will remedy this world. 

In your honor, I am sharing one of my poems from TEA UNBREWED, a collection of poetry, titled:




“ Endure and persist”



Who will remedy this world in despair?

Its chagrin, its anguish, its trepidation, its indignation-

Innocence lost, spirits shattered

As each soul departs  to an unknown grave!


The spirit cries, “ let me be free”

The fiery skies signal, “this cannot be”

Children scurry in a hurry

Mothers weep, husbands buried.

Stop! Stop! This mayhem, this madness.


I hate the battle

Must  face this war

Like heat untamed

Like life galore.


June 20, 2020


We have all waited patiently for almost a hundred days to finally step out, and adjust  to our new normal since the lockdown and to find some semblance of order in our lives, as we also continue to battle the economy.  We  have  also walked  fearlessly amidst this pandemic  to protest for equality and justice, to right the wrongs of a society discriminating on basis of color, religion, caste and creed around the globe  during these past one hundred days. We have been fractured, we have had a big fall. However, unlike Humpty Dumpty, we will come together as “ONE”.




In the still of the night, the fires burn

Ignited by sparks of rage and hate

Hearts broken, lives erased

We weep, we mourn

The loss of our humanity.


A confluence of ideals-

Of selfless action and of knowledge,

Of thought and reflection

Of courage and conviction

Of our oneness-

The colors of the human rainbow

Step out and march

To right the wrongs

The voice of the voiceless




One hundred days 

Behind a wall

Tempered by fear

Afraid of the unknown

Human loss, there is a pause.


One hundred days

Pandemic and all

Veiled with face masks

The silence broken.


Sounds of voices

Marching to a new call

Fear put aside

The peaceful march side by side.

With voices heard from afar

A gentler day is upon us.






Voices so similar in their sorrow

Echo and resonate

To the tearful crying

As they lay dying in the street.


Spirit broken, the other voices

Internalize their sorrow with quiet elegance

Look upwards and look for guidance

To repair this tear.






She wakes up each day

Bruised and broken

Teared up on the inside

Smiling on the outside.


This unseen force inching each day

Leaving so many with so little each day.

She keeps on moving, a balancing act

A little morsel  for her at the end of the day

Knowing that tomorrow will come

And brighten up her day.





Nature in full bloom

Lush green around

Children come out with a great big smile.

Swings and slides glisten in the heat

They run to it with a bounce in their feet.


Up, up and away they swing

Higher and higher they feel the breeze

Like ripples in water

Joy and laughter abound.





We did leave the door ajar

To permit the possibility

We did not have it exactly right.


Isolated from all

Wrought with pain

They passed away

No goodbyes to say

On to the other side.


A tranquil, serene garden

They lay down  to rest

To inspire us, to guide us 

To draw strength from their courage

To savor our ambience of temporariness.








July 3, 2020


A very special thanks as you step out this morning to perform your duty in your chosen  field of work around the world. Thank you for all your sacrifice, being away from your families this day, and tomorrow and the day after, and however long it takes to heal the world of this pandemic  to keep us safe.  Please enjoy my poem in honor of Mother’s Day, which has just passed.




She is Mom, she is Mummy

She is Ma, she is Mama

She is Amma, she is Ammi

She is Mutter, she is Madre

She is Mere, she is Moeder

The name that reverberates in the universe.


She nurtures, she strengthens

Our mind and our soul.

She disciplines, she heals

She screams and she shouts

Sure enough, a big hug comes around.


With her checklist in her hand

She is always on the go,

She makes you laugh, so you always smile

She can never see you cry.


She is courage under fire

She is power, she is strength.

Dignified when faced with challenge

She is fierce under pressure.


Confident and elegant in her stride

She is beauty, she is grace

She is the Universe.

She is your past

She is your present

She is your future

She is MOM. 




July 2, 2020


Thank you to all the dedicated and selfless souls, risking your lives for us at this moment during our time in quarantine.  You are indeed our SUPERHEROES!





“The Lord turned water into wine. All  I’m suggesting is a trip to the grocery store.”

Jodi Picoult-American writer


What is old, what is new?

COVID19 has me confused!

A handshake gone

A face mask on

How do we just move along?


Adieu to a smiling face behind the deli counter,

Adieu to a warm embrace for a friend in the dairy aisle

Online shopping so confusing

Placing orders, keep on waiting.


Sleepless  nights, groggy days

Each hour on the computer

No online shopper opening up


Ah! COVID19, what have you done?


Try, try, try again

And with a click, a text message!

My Instacart shopper on the way!

Carton of produce, and sixty eggs

It’s green eggs and ham day!

Hence my friends be very calm

Your Instacart is on its way!




“Fantasy is necessary ingredient in living. It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”

Dr. Seuss


No end in sight

The virus still here!

How do I react to this anxiety, despair and fear?

I see, I hear, I learn.


The life experience of the elderly

One of patience and endurance,

The restlessness of the millennials

Always scurrying in a hurry

I hear, I see.


Making sense of their world around

The wisdom of the young, curious and profound

Their unconditional love,

My grandchildren reach out.


One fears for the future

Retreats to her island

Where unicorns fly high

Clouds are rainbow cotton candy

Feeling joy and being happy.


The other a philosopher, just seven

Looks at life through his spiritual prism

“Think about better times in the past,

Think not of the present, because these are bad times”, he says.

Each trying to hold and comfort

I hear, I learn.


Reaching out a helping hand

Brick by brick, we stand together

Defining for them this journey in time

In the goodness and beauty of life.


The simple joy of a walk in the park

Sharing a park bench, meeting someone new

Never to answer-

What do you do? Where do you come from?

Just say, how wonderful it is to meet you

With reverence, placing hands together

A NAMASTE- I bow to the divine in you

We are all one

I see, I smile.


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